WMUR Channel 9 News - Small Living

Our house was on TV! The NH Chronicle team came to include our tiny house as part of a segment on small living! Also included in the segment was a retrofitted school bus and micro apartments in Manchester, NH.

“The "tiny house movement" is still going strong here in New Hampshire. Tonight Sean McDonald checks out some small spaces that are taking "tiny living" to a whole new level.”

Check out the segment below, and check out the full story, courtesy of WMUR Channel 9 News, HERE.

WMUR Channel Small Living:

“Bigger isn’t always better.”

Featured on WMUR - May 15th 2017

NH Chronical did a segment on Small Living on May 15, 2017. It included our unfinished tiny house, a retrofitted school bus, and the micro-flat apartments in Manchester, NH.
Caroline Corriveau