This is where we talk about the nitty-gritty. The stuff WE wanted to know before jumping into our tiny house build. The information that will help you make your own decisions on what you want to do with YOUR tiny house build!

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Materials List

It is 100% commendable if you can take the time to source environmentally friendly and/or recycled materials. Unfortunately, we were only able to do this about half of the time, due to scheduling restraints. However, when we couldn’t repurpose materials, we did try our hardest to purchase locally sourced materials, and buy from small, local businesses.


Tools & Equipment List

The best thing about building on my father’s property is that he has a barn FULL of timber-frame-building tools and equipment! After the timber frame was built, we did start building an arsenal of handy tools. We borrowed and rented the tools we didn’t think we’d need for very long. Check out what tools we bought, borrowed, and used to build our tiny house!


Cost Breakdown

If we had waited until we had saved up enough money to start building our house, we would’ve continued to pay an arm and a leg for our apartment for years. With an unknown budget but cost-conscious minds, we set out with some savings and newfound money from downsizing and selling some things we would no longer need! See where we cut corners to save a buck and where we thought it would be nice to splurge!

Weight Breakdown

This has been tricky: keeping track of the weight of our materials so that we don’t exceed the G.V.W.R. of our trailer! Once we’re done, we’ll weigh the house on a scale to see how close our estimates were!