Wondering what materials we’ve been using for our build? Check ‘em out!

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Foundation: 32-foot, double-axle, gooseneck trailer

Structure: Douglas fir timber frame with 2x4 stud walls between posts.

Floor vapor barrier: aluminum flashing beneath the floor with a 6-mil poly.

Windows: Andersen Silverline vinyl windows (found at a discount home center!). Transom and tempered half-moon windows are Paradigm windows. All low-e and Energy Star rated units.

Front Door: $75 oddball douglas fir window from our local discount home center. We build the frame.

Patio Door: Jeld Wen, Double, out-swing French door.

Roofing: Standing seam, hidden-fastener, metal roof system with ventilated ridge cap from Best Buy Metals.

Roof Underlayment: Grace ice & water shield (and Grace underlayment as a vapor barrier above ceiling).

Siding: 1x8 rough cedar shiplap.

Insulation: 1”, 2”, and 4” rigid foam and Great Stuff gap spray foam.

Sheathing: 1/2” and 5/8” ZIP system (tape the seams and this eliminates the need for house wrap).

Ventilation: Lunos E2 pair of ERV fans (one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom).

Interior Wall Finish: 1x8 V-groove (tongue-and-groove) pine.

Flooring Underlayment: Felt flooring underlayment.

Flooring: 3-1/4”-wide, 3/4”-thick, pre-finished, maple hardwood flooring in a Godivah stain.



Toaster Oven: Cuisinart Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler.

Counter tops: 2” maple slabs.

Cabinets: Custom made and stained by us with our leftover pine!

Skylight: Venting Fakro Skylight (and associated flashing kit!), opens to vent.



Bathtub: 67-gallon galvanized feeding trough as a tub (the 67-gallon tub is no longer available on Amazon, but the link should give you an idea of what it looks like).

Toilet: Nature’s Head Composting Toilet.

Shower: Corrugated metal roofing sheets over Grace Ice & Water Shield as shower walls.

Shower Head: Low-Flow shower head.

Shower Curtain Rod: Aluminum double curved shower curtain rod.

Mirror: Wall mount LED touch-light bathroom mirror.

Towel Rod & Toilet Paper Holder: Custom made with iron plumbing pipe and fittings, such as these.

Vanity: Custom made with 2x2s and leftover pine, stained and sealed with clear polyurethane.

Bathroom Sink: Ikea Lillangen 24x10-1/2”x5-1/2” porcelain sink.



Skylight: Fakro Egress skylight - fully opens for extra egress out - with associated flashing kit.

Reading Lights: Custom made panel lights inside brace pockets.

Bed: Old fashioned-style 12”, queen mattress from Portland Mattress Makers; custom made base with storage underneath.

Bedside Storage: Custom made from leftover pine, and we also installed a wall safe.

Living Room


Washer/Dryer: LG 24” compact, all-in-one washer/dryer with 2.3 cf capacity.

TV: TBD. Brian is not too happy about this!

Couch: Custom made fold-out couch to a bed with storage underneath with handmade cushions.



Pressure Regulator: Adjustable brass water pressure regulator.

Water Tank: 46-gallon RV fresh water tank.

Gray Water Tank: 15-gallon RV gray water tote tank.



Recessed Lighting: 6” Slim, recessed ceiling lights.

Receptacles: 2 Outlet, 2 USB receptacles.

Power Inlet: Furrion 50 Amp RV inlet.

Power Cord: 50-Amp RV Cord with Marine Locking Connector.

Porch Light: Black Motion Sensing Outdoor Lantern.

Patio Lights: Slim, 12-Watt LED Wallpack (2 of them on either side of the patio door).

Kitchen Lighting: 4-light LED track lighting (2 of them).

Converter: Power converter for the hot water heater.

Wood Stove